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10th Judicial   

The Jerry A. DeVane Award


Each year,  Lakeland Bar Association presents  a member of the 10th Judicial Circuit with the Jerry A DeVane Award at its Law Day Luncheon. This year, Lakeland Bar Association recognized its 25th recipient of the Jerry A. DeVane Award.    The award reads “Lakeland Bar Association  presents this award in recognition of  his or her  extraordinary scholarship, professionalism and collegiality in the practice of law.

Jerry was the consummate gentleman and the best of scholars.  The phrase “a gentleman and a scholar ”has been trivialized into little more than a toast for the fellow who bought the last round.  However, in the case of Jerry DeVane, “a gentleman and scholar” perfectly describes this good man and exemplary lawyer.


Jerry was a passionate student and advocate of the law.  His appellate work and trial advocacy were well known to all local lawyers who practice real estate and probate law.  Many lawyers, myself included, called Jerry for his insight when a thorny question of law or procedure needed two minds to be mastered. 



Jerry A. DeVane

Award Recipients


Buddy Clarke                            1995-1996
Oliver L. Green, Jr.                   1996-1997
Victor Troiano                    
Charlie & Gerry Carlton             1998-1999
Robert G. Stokes                       1999-2000

Ron Toward                               2000-2001
NO Award                                 
Dan Brawley                             2002-2003
Samuel Crosby                          2003-2004

Bill DuFoe                                 2004-2005
Wm. "Mac" Midyette                 2005-2006

Larry Shearer                            2006-2007
Greg Ruster                               2007-2008

Cecelia Martin Moore                2008-2009
C. Richard Nail                          2009-2010

J. Marion Moorman                  2010-2011
Timothy McCausland                2011-2012

Kent Lilly                                  2012-2013
Phil Allen                                 2013-2014

Jack Brandon                           2014-2015
Deborah Goins                         2015-2016
Sandra Sheets                         2016-2017
  Jean Henne                          2017-2018
teve Senn  2018-2019
2019-2020 No award given due to COVID
Jay Geary                                  2020-2021
Scott Langston                          2021-2022
Jonn Hoppe                         




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